water flosser replacement tips

water flosser replacement tips

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High-Pressure Tip

This tried-and-true attachment is a fan favorite—designed to mimic traditional dental floss by flushing away food particles and bacteria below the gumline and between teeth. The high pressure stream also stimulates gum circulation with twice as much effectiveness as traditional flossing.

Periodontal Tip

Got sensitive gums? This periodontal tip is perfect for cleaning beneath the gum line and within periodontal pockets and furcations. The precision nozzle directs a gentle stream of water, carefully cleaning the most sensitive parts of your mouth. You can also add your liquid dental medication to the reservoir and use this attachment to apply it.

Orthodontic Tip

Use the specialized bristles on this attachment to clean bacteria and food particles trapped around braces and other dental work—removing three times as much plaque as traditional dental floss. The dual-action tip also releases a water jet to simultaneously wash away any particles that are brushed off the teeth.

Dental Plaque Tip

For those with dental implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers, this plaque-busting tip has proven to be twice as effective as traditional flossing. Pulsating water and sturdy bristles work together to clean plaque and food debris off hard-to-reach areas, leaving your mouth feeling cleaner than you ever thought possible.

Tongue Cleaner

Gently move the edge of this attachment over the surface of your tongue (from back to front) to flush bacteria, dead oral cells, and food particles out of your mouth. Studies have shown that regular tongue cleaning can reduce bad breath by removing bacteria and sulfur compounds that have accumulated on the surface. It can also prevent halitosis.

Rotating Toothbrush

This attachment is an enhanced version of a traditional toothbrush, designed to clean on and between your teeth more efficiently. Use like any other electric toothbrush to wash away plaque, bacteria, and food particles while a gentle water stream rinses away any debris that you may have missed.