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The Full Body Stretch Massage Yoga Mat empowers you to enjoy all the benefits of yoga and massage in the comfort of your own home. It provides a low-impact method of stretching your body from head to toe without getting sweaty. Simply lay on the mat and work through a series of gentle stretches that will improve circulation and release tension. The electronic yoga mat comes with 4 pre-programmed functions and a remote control to personalize your stretching.




This revolutionary yoga mat has precision-controlled air chambers that inflate in a soothing sequence to deliver the same benefits of tension-relieving yoga poses. It has been worked on with a certified yoga teacher to create a simple solution to alleviate headaches, ease neck and shoulder pain, improve posture alignment, and more. It’s the perfect way to stretch and relax for those with limited mobility or who don’t have the balance or endurance for yoga. It’s also the perfect way to alleviate the tension caused by sitting or laying for extended periods of time. For your convenience, the yoga mat has built-in head and knee support and folds up for easy storage and transportation.




The benefits of yoga are countless, but yoga isn’t for everyone and this mat offers an easy alternative. It’s the perfect way to loosen up stiff muscles after a long day, wind down at the end of the day, or boost energy any time of day. Here are the top benefits of the mat:


Energize Your Body & Boost Your Mood—gentle stretching is an excellent way to alleviate the pain-causing tension that zaps your energy. All you need is 10 minutes to work through one of the pre-programmed stretch cycles. Stretch once a day or several times a day to boost your energy and your mood!


Improve Circulation For Heart Health—proper circulation is essential for full-body health. It delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body, improves heart health, and helps the body eliminate toxins. Lay on the electronic mat after long periods of sitting or laying or if you are prone to circulatory concerns. It will also alleviate pain and swelling.


Improved Flexibility & Range Of Motion—age, arthritis, pain, tension, accident, injury, poor posture, and repetitive movement can reduce flexibility and range of motion. The Belmint stretching mat gently stretches and elongates the neck and back muscles. Since the neck and back is where we carry most of the tension it improves whole body flexibility. Lay flat or gently twist to wring out tension.


Naturally Alleviate Pain—pain is disruptive. It can keep you up at night, hinder your social life, minimize your physical fitness, and decrease your quality of life. But life is meant to be happy and healthy, even as we age! The mat stretches, targets pressure points, and stimulates the nervous system—igniting the body’s natural pain relieving systems.  


Strengthen Your Body—stretching encourages muscle growth which is even more important as we age. We lose 3 to 5 percent of the muscles mass each year after the age of 30, making staying physically active even more essential than in the youth. The mat can be one of the ways you keep your body strong, but you’ll still need a bit of cardio and strength training.


Improved Balance and Coordination—think of yoga as a whole body approach to anti-aging. It keeps your muscles and joints flexible and strong, which is key to maintaining your balance and reducing your risk of falls and fractures.


Boost Your Immunity—when your body is working overtime addressing your pain and tension, it has less time to invest in your immunity. Take your pain down a notch to automatically boost your immunity. The improved circulatory benefits will also aid your body to flush environmental toxins out of your bloodstream. The fewer toxins, the less illness.


Relax and Unwind—a professional massage is one of the most effective methods of relaxation, but the mat empowers you to relax and unwind anytime and anyplace. If you are feeling stressed out, have a mile-long to-do list, or want to wind down before bed spend just 10 minutes on the mat and you’ll feel like a whole new person. To kick your relaxation up a notch, listen to soothing music or positive affirmations while you stretch.


Those are the top benefits of Belmint’s revolutionary electronic yoga mat. Belmint is so confident that the Full Body Stretch Massage mat will surpass your expectations that there is a 100% satisfaction and 90-day money back guarantee. Learn more now!