Belmint Electric Foot and Calf Spa Massager Machine with Heat, Knead and Vibrate

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Product Description

  • Electric Shiatsu Rolling Foot and Calf Massager Relieves Stress, Aches, Pain, Tension and Numbness
  • Neuropathy Reliever Delivers Deep Tissue Penetration with Heat and Flexible Kneading Balls / Discs
  • Acupressure Device Lets You Relax in Chair, Rest Calf, Ankle & Feet and Enjoy Spa Results at Home
  • Stimulates Reflex Points for Relief from Plantar Fasciitis and Diabetic Damage; 3 Vibrating Programs
  • Soft Pillow Pad Slots Feature Detachable Fabric Cover for Safe Hygiene; Available in Black or Gold

Product Description+

Sit back, relax, and let the comfortable times roll.

Achieve professional shiatsu massage sensation and effective pain relief with the Electric Foot and Calf Massage Machine with Heat by Belmint. This powerful deep tissue rolling massager delivers comforting heat, stimulating vibration, and penetrating kneading action for relief from stress, tension, tingling, and pain related to rigorous exercise, plantar fasciitis, nerve disorder, and sports injury.

Diabetics can also encourage blood circulation throughout the lower leg, calf, ankle, and foot. As a reflexology device, it boasts multiple advanced features including LCD display panel, convenient 15-minute auto-shutoff, 6 kneading and vibrating programs, and adjustable heat setting for easy operation without complex instruction. Place the unit under your desk or comfy chair, and enjoy the healthy benefits of a stress-free spa experience at the touch of a button. Use it as a luxurious calf and ankle massager to even help tone, shape, and beautify your lower legs.

What’s in the Box?

– Electric heating, vibrating, kneading foot and calf massager
– Detachable fabric cover for safe hygiene
– Our appreciation for your purchase!

Specs & Details

– Color: Available in black or gold
– Operating voltage: DC240v
– Power: 60W AC Adapter
– Auto shutoff: 15 minutes

How to Enjoy

– Plug in your new massage wonder
– Place on flat surface under couch or chair
– Snuggle in and insert feet into slots
– Select desired heat/knead/vibrate program
– Enjoy easy, powerful relief for years to come!

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