August 24 2016


Three Brands, One Striking Look

Stainless steel, glass, bamboo…ahhh. Now your home can be a spa-like oasis that looks as expensive as it is affordable. Three curated, specially chosen collections accent and complement one other for a look that’s modern, minimalist and on-trend. You’ve just discovered your one-stop-shop to impress guests, relieve stress and pamper the tension away as you experience ultimate relaxation in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

These intuitive homewares aim to solve specific problems and frustrations around the house. And the high-powered massagers and rollers can melt away even the stickiest stresses and tense muscles.

So reasonably priced, you could order all three collections and outfit your entire home in modern serenity for the cost of one over-priced spa item.

Transform your Space; Change your Life

Our immediate surroundings affect not only our physical health, but our emotional health as well. Research shows that our home and work environments impact our bodies in multiple ways. Sights, sounds, smells—they all contribute to more than we realize!

A cluttered, dirty home has been shown to make people feel hopeless, depressed and anxious. And over the long term, that can contribute to elevated risk of stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease.  Minimalism is an easy and affordable way to prevent burnout before it has a chance to take hold and sap you of all your precious energy.

Multitaskers Promote Minimalism

Less really is more. When your counters and drawers are cluttered, the effect is extended and you have no room in your head for thoughts and no energy to do the things that really matter—because you’re too busy dealing with the stuff. has a mission to provide hard-working tools that make your life easier and more comfortable. More time for fun, friends and family—what really matters in life.

Service that Makes You Smile

What good is a product that promotes relaxation if the associated service and shipping cause headaches? We understand that from start to finish, your experience needs to be seamless, smooth and friendly, which is why we offer fast, free shipping and superior customer service at all times.

Check out each Belmint brand, and bring some relief, convenience and elegance to every corner of your life.