September 29 2016


Blumwares: Modern Design & Unrivaled Performance

Mealtime can be an experience from beginning to end, with many perspectives—the guests, the host and the chef all see a meal at home in different ways. If you happen to be the chef or host, seeing your dinner party or prep from the guests’ point of view can be eye-opening. It’s the little things that impress and delight your friends and guests.

Similarly, when it’s just you or your family around the kitchen, keeping those special touches around adds a bit of magic and fun to your time together.

Conversation Pieces

Bring more laughter and whimsy into your home! A gravy boat becomes a delicious science experiment, milk becomes foam, and everyone becomes

Minimalism in the kitchen is a trend for a reason—clunky, awkward tools have no place in a serious cook’s space. There’s no reason to be frustrated

Drink Service with a Splash

Whether you have company, or are enjoying your morning coffee solo, Blumwares has curated a collection of tea and coffee presses that not only look great, but fill everyone’s cup to the top with warm, caffeinated deliciousness.

A Modern Balance

Conservative design doesn’t always lend itself to those warm, homey memories we all associate with meals and holidays with family and friends. So how does Blumwares strike the balance and remain a go-to for home kitchens around the country?

Again, it’s the little things: juice-catching channels around stay-put cutting boards, drip-free oil and vinegar and Every Blumware piece is crafted and chosen for its well-tested performance and predictions about day-to-day use.

An all of these “little things” add up to a lot—when thought and care are put into the design stage, the result is an empowered cook in a kitchen with less spills, less accidents, and more fun. No reason to be frustrated in your kitchen anymore. The sleekest designs combine with the most intuitive technologies for a

The Way to Everyone’s Heart

At the end of the day, prepping, serving and storing food and ingredients is a labor of love. Delight your guests and family and make meals, holidays and parties extra special as you dig in to this fresh new line of kitchenware!