August 17 2016


Belmint: Sleek & Powerful

Belmint presents a line of products as durable as they are innovative: edgy futuristic gadgets sleek enough for the most modern of homes—but don’t be fooled. These handy tools and pampering devices work double-time and are even elegant enough to leave out on the counter.

Smart design meets pleasure and indulgence. Get ready to discover your newest collection of necessities!

A Curated Collection of Heavy Hitters

Details matter—a well-placed carrying handle, easy-to-read displays—when it’s your favorite   The Belmint brand is all about the final day-to-day use of the product.

Shiatsu Massagers

For those who need a little more heat and pressure. These aren’t any lightweight massagers. Powerful rollers and digital controls take your evening massage to the next level. And with the quality and performance of these massagers, you’ll want to make that your evening AND morning massage.

Experience a warm waterfall foot massage or find relief on a full-body, 10-motor massage pad. Slip in, sit back, and relax deeper than ever before.

Facial Cleansing

Clean, clear skin can take a little elbow grease sometimes. With Belmint, the elbow grease comes built in! An ergonomic, cleansing steam treatment and interchangeable facial brush work individually or together to soften skin, clean out pores and remove dead cells to reveal fresh, glowing skin that’s been hiding underneath.

Steam power and brush cleansing have the power to completely change your complexion and skin luminosity in a very short amount of time. The facial steam spa even doubles as a humidifier and triples as an essential oil diffuser!

Gel Manicures

Where do details matter more than a manicure? Our LED drying lamps are specifically designed in different sizes depending on your needs. Whether you need portable or professional, your traditional and gel manicures will cure quickly and permanently, resulting in a glossy look and feel.

Treat your girlfriends to quick-drying gel manicures when you pick up a handy, affordable nail polish dryer from Belmint!

Kitchen and Grill

Just like all Belmint products, advanced meat thermometers are useful, intuitive gadgets perfect for the techy in in all of us. When you have a big dinner, barbecue or banquet—and you’re the chef, you want to know that your expensive cut of meat will turn out perfectly.

One-handed controls, big displays and accurate reading make these tools the perfect addition for any home chef, host or hostess.

The Belmint Line specifically caters to the savvy buyer and gift-giver; someone who knows what they want out of their products, and also what they don’t want. By incorporating the laws of ergonomics and conservation into design and function, Belmint delivers superior, stress-free experiences in the comfort of your own home!

Looking good, feeling fresh and eating well; these are some of the simplest pleasures in life. And, Belmint has something to enhance and supercharge every aspect of enjoying life.

Affordable price points and all the important details make these gadgets indispensable. Mix and match for your perfect, personalized home spa and kitchen!