Bambusi by Belmint: Simply Elegant

August 18 2016


Bambusi by Belmint: Simply Elegant

An entire line of renewable resource bamboo products for your personal spaces! With earth-friendly bamboo, the possibilities are endless. These are products and décor you can feel good about. Natural wood with no stain or paint brings earthy vibrations to your home—no worry about chemicals, toxins or danger.

Bambusi has designed elegant, understated pieces that double as health and wellness enhancers. They’re versatile enough to serve up a fancy charcuterie or handle baby food at breakfast. Bambusi’s trays, bath accessories and therapeutic rollers make perfect gifts for yourself or others.

The sleek minimalist vibe of Bambusi’s line is intended to blend in to any theme interior design. These products are equally at home in a marble-floored mansion or a cozy bungalow in the woods.

Slip into serenity as you start to fill your home with the calming energy of bright, light bamboo.

Keep Your Drawers in Line

Zen begins in the organization of your home. Popular trends in home management like minimalism and the KonMarie method call for exactness and compartmentalization to find peace and serenity at home. There’s a reason no one likes opening their junk drawer—it’s stressful!

Now, every time you open the knife, cutlery or home office drawers, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

In the Bath

The power of peace is compounded when you combine elements like steam, heat, beauty products and natural. Whether running after little kids or working on our feet all day, we could all use a private soak with our necessities close at hand. Bath tray caddies are a popular trend right now to help people decompress and even sleep better that night. Clever accents like a slide-in stemware holder and phone tray ensure you won’t end your home spa session with a broken wine glass or ruined cell phone.

Plus—the clear rack holds your favorite romance novel or electronic device. Netflix binges have never been so fun!

Rub the Right Way

After a run, a night out, or because you need a night in—there’s never a bad time for a deep tissue foot rub. Rollers, nubs and balls work with your own natural warmth and pressure for a totally personalized healing session for your tootsies.

Choose from 4 different acupressure rollers for relief anytime, anywhere. We all know that workplaces aren’t famous for their especially serene environments—so bring a piece of Zen with you from home when you store one of these in your drawer or under your desk. It’s a much healthier and discreet alternative than pulling out the chocolate to cope!

These massagers are particularly helpful for those with nerve pain or swollen feet who want a natural, organic way to feel better. And check out Bambusi’s “Backrack”  and reach spots you never thought you could before—imagine a  shiatsu back and neck massage without heat, electricity, or having to travel to a spa and pay a therapist!

Bambusi is all about health through serenity; more and more doctors are recommending stress-relieving practices before medication or other interventions. Making relaxation a habit will bring true power to each and every cell, tissue and organ of your body!