What’s new at home?

Inspiration and ideas for the contemporary living space


Blumwares: Modern Design & Unrivaled Performance

Mealtime can be an experience from beginning to end, with many perspectives—the guests, the host and the chef all see a meal at home in different ways. If you happen to be the chef or host, seeing your dinner party or prep from the guests’ point of view can be eye-opening. It’s the little things…

Three Brands, One Striking Look

Stainless steel, glass, bamboo…ahhh. Now your home can be a spa-like oasis that looks as expensive as it is affordable. Three curated, specially chosen collections accent and complement one other for a look that’s modern, minimalist and on-trend. You’ve just discovered your one-stop-shop to impress guests, relieve stress and pamper the tension away as you…

Belmint: Sleek & Powerful

Belmint presents a line of products as durable as they are innovative: edgy futuristic gadgets sleek enough for the most modern of homes—but don’t be fooled. These handy tools and pampering devices work double-time and are even elegant enough to leave out on the counter. Smart design meets pleasure and indulgence. Get ready to discover…

Bambusi by Belmint: Simply Elegant

An entire line of renewable resource bamboo products for your personal spaces! With earth-friendly bamboo, the possibilities are endless. These are products and décor you can feel good about. Natural wood with no stain or paint brings earthy vibrations to your home—no worry about chemicals, toxins or danger. Bambusi has designed elegant, understated pieces that…